How and when did the Knights form?

The Knights started out in 1993 as a group of mates who rode, rallied and generally ‘hung out’ together. In 1995, Jim Mac, the founder of the Knights, experienced something that was to change his life forever. He had a close encounter with the Holy Spirit which led him to Jesus. Jim made a decision to follow Christ along with another member, Georgina, who later became his wife. This couldn’t help but affect the other club members, so much so that the club began to take tentative steps toward the church. By December 1995 a decision was made to become a Christian bikers club, in the following January other Christian bikers began to join up.

What sort of people were/are they?

These guys were from all sorts of backgrounds – drink, drugs, violence (some of them were actually quite nice!). The only thing they used to have in common was bikes. Now they’ve each got their own story to tell, of how something happened in their lives that has shown them that Jesus Christ is alive and is reaching out to anyone who is man or woman enough to accept Him. Jesus is a real life-changer.

What do they do?

They meet together to attend rallies, bike shows, have runs out – and generally enjoy themselves. Their aim however, is to share the excellent good news, they have each found to be true, with fellow bikers. They are ready and willing to explain what their lives were like before allowing God onto the scene – and what the results have been.

Why do they do it?

Life styles are really varied, but you can be sure that other than weddings, christenings and funerals – most leather clad bikers will never step into a church, and it’s not surprising really, the image of church is one that it’s really boring. Who would purposely choose to be bored for a few hours on a Sunday morning?

What they call church isn’t just a building, it’s meant to mean a body of people – not a place. So when the Knights are on the road, so is the church, and they’re taking the Gospel to places it might otherwise never reach.

God isn’t boring, so neither should church be! Jesus told His disciples to let everyone, everywhere know about Him. If bikers won’t tell their biking brothers and sisters about Him, who will?

What do they believe?

The Bible is the word of God, it’s true and to be trusted. It says there is one God who shows Himself in three persons – The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, walked this earth and was made an outcast by the leaders of His time, though all He did was tell the truth. He was treated like an outlaw, though He lived a perfect life – unlike the rest of us!

If you’ve done anything from telling a ‘white lie’ to committing murder, then you’re not perfect (the Bible calls this sin) and when you get to the pearly gates – you’ll be getting the elbow! There is no such thing as purgatory or means of salvation in death. Hell is what awaits the sinner and hell is no joke! It is a place of eternal darkness, pain, torment and regret. In hell there is no hope. There is no release from hell, ever. The troubles there are infinitely worse than the troubles you may experience in this life. The people in hell are weeping and gnashing their teeth. You can’t appeal to God from Hell.

Jesus died and took the punishment that we deserve. All we have to do is accept it, believe it, turn from the past and start to follow Him. The Bible calls it being born again. You can know where you’re going before you get there!

Why the Cross?

Jesus and the early Christians were rejected by almost everyone who chose not to follow them. The law was used against them. It was twisted to suit those who didn’t want them spreading their message. But they were rebels, they refused to live an easy life and be like everyone else, and many were killed for it. They knew the dangers, yet they preached everywhere to anyone. They were considered outcasts and outlaws but were so serious about what they’d found that they wanted to stand out in a crowd and be known for what they believe and share it with others. Christians today should be no different to those who walked with Jesus – that’s why the Knights wear a cross.