Jim Mac: Jim served 10 years in the armed forces. He was into new-age, animal medicine, astrology, spiritualism and crystals. He also ran a side patch club and did what most bikers did, smoked dope, drank like a fish and rode around scaring old ladies and small children. He had his bike stolen in May 1995 and found himself at a loss. A week later he overheard a guy insulting a group of Christians which sparked off a long discussion about Jesus, God and the Bible. It ended up with Jim giving his heart to the Lord.


Tez (Club Chaplain): Tez grew up in rural Cornwall. Although he went to the local Methodist Sunday School as a boy, he spent his teen years on rebelling and getting into trouble. He hoped that serving in the Army would straighten his life out but even there life seemed to be full of problems and unfulfilling. After dabbling in the Hari Krishna Sect Tez felt called to look into the Bible of his Sunday School days and there began a relationship with Jesus that managed to do what nothing else could: it made life seem worthwhile. Since coming to know Jesus, Tez became an active member of the Methodist Church, a local preacher and is now completing a four year training course for full time ministry. Tez has been into bikes since he was tall enough to sit on one.

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