Diesel’s Testimony

Diesel: I grew up with parents who drank too much (far too much) and violence was the theme most evenings. I was ‘on edge’ all the time as a child. In fact my earliest memory was of mum getting a beating. I remember praying over and over for the beatings to stop as my mum would shout for help! Dad’s wages would always go on booze. Our bungalow had no hot water or heating with only a paraffin heater and an electric fire , I shared a room with my brother. The frost was as thick on the inside of the windows as the outside. One day, Mum had to go into hospital and she had no money, I was 14 at the time. I got involved in a burglary the night before so I could buy her new slippers and some cigarettes.

I used to take things to the extreme. One night I went out to steal milk and didn’t stop till I got twenty odd pints. My temper also went to the extreme and at 14 I had learned how to give Dad one back. I was involved in stealing cars at a young age too, and when old enough to pass my test I could go further and ‘knock off’ social clubs and places of business. Things went on like that for some time and as I got older I found myself in trouble quite often. I also started smoking weed and doing whizz. I sold weed for years often supplying large quantities. My parents had both died by the time I was in my twenties . When I was 29 I met my wife and she really touched my heart like no one ever had before. With all my regrets of my past, I had a nervous breakdown. I was like this for about 18 months which felt like years .My body would ache so much from stress and tension. I thought I was going to die! I was falling apart, I was often tearful wondering about what was happening to me. I thought my breakdown would never end. I had been to doctors and sought advice from friends but no one could help me. It was as if no one understood, not even my wife. I don’t know what compelled me to do it but one day I decided I wanted to get baptised and give my heart to the Lord Jesus, so I went to my local Baptist church on my own and got baptised! I never went to church afterwards but I did start to read a Bible that had belonged to my Mother (someone had given it to her in hospital). I found I could not read enough. I had developed a real hunger for the Word of the Lord Jesus. I would read my Bible at every opportunity.

My walk with the Lord began from there. I started to recover from my anxiety and depression, and I placed my faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. I then started to have E-mail and telephone conversations with one of the Knights of Antioch and he got me into a good church and gave me good Biblical advice along the way! I was later Baptised Biblically by full immersion by the Knights in the river Dunn in Hungerford. The rest remains to be lived out……