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  1. Christian

    Looking good Dan. 😉 Now that we have a canvas we can get chucking the paint about! Many thanks for all your hard work on the site. God bless ya.

  2. Denzil

    Looking Good, Thank You for Blessing the Roads of the Isle of Wight on 1st June this year, Hope to see you next year for the weekend maybe, at the cottage?
    You’re all doing a mighty fine work
    Our Lord hold & Bless Y’al in Jesus Mighty Name Amen
    Denzil & Moyna ~ Isle of Wight, UK.

    1. Colin

      Great to see you again Bro, and to meet your son Matt. Look forward to coming again and staying for longer.


      Colin (Pitbull)
      Pres, Knights of Antioch MM.

    1. admin Post author

      That is true. We at present, do not have an open group on Facebook. All contact info and everything you need is right here on the Website. Peace in Jesus Markus.

  3. Snowy

    Hi guys
    I used to be in the original KOA with Jim and co. I was the prayer warrior and thoroughly enjoyed my time with them..thanks guys for carrying on and God bless everything you do.


    1. Colin

      Snowy, Cheers Bro. Its always good to hear from Knights Members from days gone by…..
      Blessings Bro’.
      Colin (Pitbull).
      Pres Knights of Antioch MM.

  4. Charlie

    My name is Charlie. In 2004 my newly born daughter was very ill in Torbay Hospital. My wife and I were waiting outside the x-ray unit whilst our baby was pumped full of dye to understand what was wrong. We were grief stricken, not knowing whether she would come home with us. Whenever I turned around at the most emotionally painful times, there was a biker waiting outside the x-ray room with your logo on it. I remember reading your club name. He was tall, large framed, and said nothing, but always smiled a reassuring smile (I think he’d injured his leg). I was not a Christian, but somehow I felt calmed and looked after. Some years later I attended a Mens Breakfast in Teignmouth as a guest (still not a Christian) and one of your group came to speak, which was again inspiring. Subsequently I joined an Alpha Course, became a Christian at Spring Harvest, joined a Church here in Bovey Tracey, married a beautiful Christian girl, and this week I’m giving my testimony to my Home Group. I’m not a biker, but I can say that you guys were a big part in my coming to God. The name of your group stuck in my head, and I found your website tonight. Thank you so much for the work you do – it’s amazing the impact you make. Charlie

  5. Christian

    Charlie, just wanted to say that your email is an absolute encouragement to us. It is great to hear that you have now come to Christ and are living for Him! Hallelujah! We thank God for you and all those that He has added to His kingdom through the ministry that He has entrusted to us. To receive a testimony like yours is humbling, and like our Pres’ says a great encouragement. Keep in touch brother, it would be great to meet you and serve alongside you in the furtherance of the gospel if the opportunity should ever be afforded.

    Peace in Jesus.


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